Big sweep latest winner

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big sweep latest winner

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4D Results

Big sweep singapore. Big sweep winston-salem. Singaporepools — Latest Sweep Results. Big Sweep Result - Latest damacai bigsweep result malaysia. Punters will be able to choose Singapore Sweep numbers Latest Singapore Sweep Results.

Big Sweep Singapore lottery results for March 4, We update our information on a daily basis so that you can discover the fantastic news right away. There is no source that is more reliable when it comes to displaying and archiving the correct winning numbers for 4D lottery ticket. We have comprised a massive historical database including all lucky numbers that have been drawn over the past 20 years. The basic rules for 4D lottery are simple.

You pick 4 digits in a specific order by filling in the correct boxes on your ticket. During the live event, a total of 23 numbers are drawn and placed in different winning categories. These are the Singapore Pools 4D results.

Your prize depends on whether your number was selected and on the prize category where it was distributed. If you place a Small bet, your number must be in the first 3 prize categories for you to win and, in case this happens, your prize is multiplied.

On the other hand, if you place a Big bet, you win a prize regardless of the category your number is in, but the reward is no longer multiplied. System Entry bets, where you still choose only 4 digits, but your ticket counts for all possible combinations of the latter. As such, you can increase your odds of winning, but you will also be required to pay for multiple entries.

The rolling number counts for all possible digits from 0 to 9, so you will pay for 10 entries in total. The iBet option ensures you earn a cash prize even if the digits you chose are not in the correct order. However, this significantly decreases the rewards. To participate in 4D lottery, visit a Singapore Pools outlet near you and submit your tickets.

Otherwise, you can always place your bets online or by phone. In Singapore Pools 4D Results, the 23 numbers that were randomly selected during the event are placed in 5 different categories. Singapore Pools is the only legally authorized lottery operator in Singapore. As such, their website is the best platform for 4D lottery and other forms of responsible gambling.

All types of 4D bets are available there and that all options are explained so that anyone can participate. You never know when the information you find here might change your life. Latest 1 week ago 1 month ago Sunday, 5th of April Starter Prizes.This organization uses surpluses from Big Sweep to support and finance charitable initiatives.

One of the greatest beneficiaries is Ukai Foundation, an organization that is dedicated to nurturing talent through education. Big Sweep is the only lottery game that gives you two ways to win. The first one is scratch and match while the second one is the main draw.

In the main draw, every ticket has a unique set of 7-digit numbers pre-printed on it. The numbers range from 1, to 7, In addition, there is a jackpot number that starts from 0 to 9. In each draw, Big Sweep gives players an opportunity to win lots of prizes. There is a jackpot prize of Rmthat is allocated per draw. If the jackpot amount is not won, it is rolled over to the next draw and the cycle continues until it is finally won.

In the scratch and match, you are supposed to match the outcome of the scratch against a combination of 3-digit numbers together with the image of a car that is predetermined.

In each draw, there are 1,prizes to be won. All the prizes are instant and cash based. In each draw, you can win a new Honda HR-V 1. The ticket has two sections; the main draw section and the scratch and match section.

On the main draw section, there are two sets of numbers, the 7-digit number, and the jackpot number. There is also the draw date indicated as well as the draw number. On the scratch and match section, there is only the scratch area that reveals the numbers and the car and determines whether you have won a prize or not. As pointed out above, each ticket has a 7-digit number which ranges from 1 to 7.

To win, players must match the last 6 digits on their tickets with the numbers that are drawn. Each of the 7-digit winning tickets has the opportunity to win in more than one prize category if it is matched with another 7-digit or another front 4-digit or last 3-digit numbers. If you match the front 4 digits, you win a prize in that category. In this space, you are supposed to scratch the area indicated in the ticket so that you can reveal the result.

After that, you match the ticket results with the winning number stated. Each of the main scratches has 9 numbers and the vehicle that awaits the lucky winner. If you match all the 9 numbers against the designated winning number, you get the vehicle.

However, it is also important to emphasize that you can win a prize in the scratch and win category if you can match even one number against the predetermined winning number. For the bonus scratch, you are supposed to scratch the designated area on the ticket in order to reveal the prize. Usually, the prize on offer in the bonus scratch ranges from Rm 2 to Rm The prize structure can be found in the reverse side of the ticket.

Just in the same way that we have two ways of playing Big Sweep, there are also two broad categories of prizes. The first set of prizes is the main draw prizes. In this category, we have the major prizes which include the jackpot prize, first, second, and third prize as shown below:.

The type of prizes here includes major prizes and other prizes. On the major prizes, you have the following:. Depending on the amount you have won, you can claim your prize from any of the following locations:.

Prizes of up to Rmshould be claimed from any branch office or an authorized agent of Big Sweep in Malaysia. Prizes above Rmcan be claimed from the main office which is on the third floor of Wisma Low Siew Eng Building. There are also offices in Perak, Penang, and Johor. Latest Results Number Generator Lottopedia.Worldwide Blockchain Lottery. Full List click here. Earnings from the Singapore Sweep have also supported the construction of landmarks in Singapore, such as the Indoor Stadium, the Esplanade - Theatres on the Bay, as well as the Gardens by the Bay.

The game format and prize amounts have changed over the years. Draws are conducted on the first Wednesday of every month.

Draws on every first Wednesday of each month. Where to Buy Sweep You can buy Singapore Sweep tickets from any of our outlets and participating agents. As a wholly owned subsidiary of the Tote Board, it is the only operator that is legally allowed to run lotteries in Singapore.

TOTOis a legalized form of lottery sold in Singapore, known by different names elsewhere. Singapore Pools is the only legal lottery operator in Singapore. It was established on 23 May to control widespread illegal gambling in Singapore during the s. TOTO is a popular form of gambling in Singapore.

The winning numbers drawn include six numbers plus an additional number. Three or more winning numbers on a ticket matching the seven numbers drawn qualifies the buyer for a cash prize. The prize money escalates with the increase in numbers matched. The maximum allowed matching numbers is six.

Thus, if six numbers on the TOTO ticket matches the six numbers drawn, the jackpot Group 1 prize is won. Individuals play by choosing any number from to Then, twenty-three winning numbers are drawn each time.

If one of the numbers matches the one that the player has bought, a prize is won. A draw is conducted to select these winning numbers. Soon thereafter, other lottery operators followed suit, as this is a very popular game in Malaysia and Singapore. Singapore Pools is the sole provider of gambling games in Singapore. A similar 4-D game with its prize structure fully revealed can be found in Taiwan. Sweepstakes began as a form of lottery that were tied to products sold.

Under these laws sweepstakes became strictly "No Purchase Necessary to Enter or Win", especially since many sweepstakes companies skirted the law by stating only "No Purchase Necessary to Enter", removing the consideration one of the three legally required elements of gambling to stop abuse of sweepstakes. Today, sweepstakes in the USA are used as marketing promotions to reward existing consumers, and to draw attention to a product.

Singapore Sweep Statistics & History

By definition, the winner is determined by luck rather than skill. Singapore Lottery Games.Singapore has a lot to offer as far as lotteries are concerned. The 4D and Toto are very popular, but so is the Singapore Sweep.

Another entry in the portfolio of Singapore Pools, Singapore Sweep impresses with the significant number of tickets issued and the exciting prize that players can put their hands on.

big sweep latest winner

Singapore Sweep is a raffle-style lottery and one of the oldest entries in the portfolio of Singapore Pools. The drawings take place every first Wednesday of the month and 3. The cost of a single entry is three dollars. Initially, the game was envisioned as an option for generating enough funds for the construction of the national stadium. Back then, the cost of a ticket was one dollar, and the first prize wasdollars. Over the years, this has changed. While tickets are more expensive today, the amount that can be won by players has also increased.

After a short halt, the game was relaunched in The prize structure was changed to give players more opportunities to win. A premium prize worth at leastdollars was introduced. Inthe first prize was set at the spectacular two million dollars.

As of today, this sum has been updated once again to reach 2. To participate, you will only have to wait for the tickets to be released.

big sweep latest winner

Buy your ticket for three dollars and wait for the drawing during which the Singapore Sweep results will be announced. Tickets can be acquired at the authorized Singapore Pools outlets, as well as from all licensed retailers. A recent announcement from Singapore Pools has come to suggest that players could expect Singapore Sweep surprises in As a result, additional prizes and special drawings may be announced.

Singapore Sweep fans should pay attention to announcements and test their luck in these special events. Since there are no numbers that players choose among, the odds of winning are based on the number of available tickets and the manner in which the prizes are determined.

The odds of claiming the jackpot, first, second, third and lucky prizes are all the same — 1 in 3, The odds of claiming the gift prize are 1 inThese are the prize amounts. As already mentioned, the top Singapore Pools prize is 2.

Only one ticket holder can claim the amount per drawing. The second prize is also one, and the amount isdollars. The third prize isdollars, and the so-called jackpot is 10, dollars. The lucky prize 10 of these are distributed per drawing is 5, dollars. The gift prize 30 of them is 3, dollars, and the consolation prize 30 per drawing is 2, dollars.A photo showing an Indian migrant worker who allegedly won a 2.

Photos showing the worker, the worker with a Chinese man, the winning lottery ticket, and a cheque for the winning 2. The cheque identifies the overnight millionaire as Karuppaiah Gobinath and even appears to reveal his passport number.

The cheque also reveals that it was disbursed on 13 Sept The last time a foreign worker won the jackpot at a Singapore Sweep lottery was perhaps when a domestic helper employed by a family living in Pasir Ris won the 2. Android IOS. The Independent News.

Home News Indian migrant worker hits jackpot in Singapore Sweep; wins 2. Indian migrant worker hits jackpot in Singapore Sweep; wins 2. Jewel Stolarchuk.

The Big Sweep

September 26, Home News. Netizens slam Nas Daily video on min Covid test. Teacher makes innovative use of toy bricks for home-based learning. Alleged shoplifter at Toa Payoh Guardian pharmacy retaliates by kicking during Morning brief: Covid update for April 15, A tale of triumph: Mother of two beats both H1N1 andThere is something very exciting about the possibility that the grand first prize might be yours in spite of the smallest odds.

We take great care to maintain the accuracy and the reliability of both monthly results and our database of previous lucky numbers.

Our historical calendar goes as far back as 20 years and can be accessed by anyone, at any time. To take part in the Singapore Sweep Lottery, you have to buy at least one ticketalthough you can buy as many as you like per month.

On the ticket, you will notice a number made of 7 digits in the bottom right corner. This is the number that you should keep an eye on during the event. During the event, winning 7-digit numbers are randomly selected and placed in prize categories. For this to happen, the last two digits on your ticket must match any of the 2-digit numbers drawn during a separate section of the event.

Even if you miss the Wednesday draw, you can still check the winning numbers on My Singapore Pools Results. Like in the case of 4D lottery, the Singapore Sweep Results are divided into several prize categories. The third prize is offered for the ticket inscribed with the third randomly selected 7-digit number. Finally, there areTwo-Digit Delight Prizes that go out for tickets where the last two digits match any of the 9 2-digit numbers drawn in the conclusion of the event.

Here, we upload the results of each Singapore Sweep Lottery as soon as possible so that all lucky winners can claim their prize without delay. In addition, you can take advantage of our massive database to view numbers and statistics from previous months and even previous years. Latest Two-Digit 2D Delight Prizes. Our website is the only trusted partner of Singapore Pools.

How to Play Singapore Sweep Lottery?

Big Sweep Result

Singapore Sweep Lottery. Every first Wednesday of the month, at 6 P. Buy the ticket sfollow the event, check your number s. What is the Prize for the Singapore Sweep?

big sweep latest winner

These are as follows:. So what are you waiting for, then?