Evil episode 9

Acosta: Are you surprised?

evil episode 9

Acosta: She got you to promise too? Acosta: She probably told everybody the same thing that last day. She was a smart, loyal, "take no prisoners" kind of character, and then the writers decided to ruin it. As a priest, Acosta is supposed to practice clerical celibacy, though viewers have seen how loosely he tends to follow some of the Church's other teachings.

I am in favor of Acosta admitting that he wanted something to happen, and then questioning where that leads him. Acosta: Did you get a subpoena? Right now, I can say that we talked. You asked if I was subpoenaed, and our conversation lasted exactly five minutes. It would be a much more compelling storyline to watch Acosta question his faith due to his differing beliefs over some of the Church's teachings rather than just because he slept with a woman. As for Andy, well he's still pretty much a dud who stands in the way of Kristen getting together with Acosta.

Putting aside all his past transgressions, of which there are many, he continued to be the unsupportive husband viewers have expected. Maybe his jealousy of Ben was understandable, but his blatant disregard for Kristen's changing religious beliefs was out of line. If Kristen is questioning her faith and maybe wants to become an "unlapsed" Catholic, who is Andy to stand in her way?

Plenty of couples have differing religious beliefs and still manage to make it work, so why couldn't they. I thought Andy may have figured that out when he first presented Kristen the small gift toward the end of the episode, as I assumed it was a small cross necklace. You know how we always talked about not wanting to work in an office or knowing exactly what our day was gonna bring? This is that. Are you high?

Kristen: Yeah. Andy: Is that part of the work too? That gift would have said, 'I'm sorry for being an [explective], and I love and support you know matter what. What he gave her was essentially a "Get Out of Jail Free Card" where she could abandon her family to go climbing and not feel guilty about it. And it's not like Kristen ever said she missed the adventures -- which she probably does -- but Andy just assumed that must be it because she's really enjoying her new job.

Andy, quick word of advice: Let's save the therapeutic talk about transference for the trained professional, also known as your wife. While they seemed to have no trouble with physical intimacy, that's not enough to sustain a marriage. Whether it's due to Andy's extended time away or Kristen's new experiences through work, these two are most likely headed toward a divorce down the road. And since Andy is so firmly a "lapsed" Catholic, a divorce is something that can actually happen based on his religion.

Kristen: With this? Yes, but not with me. Kristen: Why? Kristen: A jacket will make me look like a doctor? Lastly, Townsend continued to be the worst therapist in the world, and his actions led to the literal death of his patient Sebastian.

Keen viewers will have noticed that Townsend was planning on using Sebastian for some "great evil," but I didn't expect that plan to involve killing Acosta. To the untrained eye, Acosta is just a priest-in-training with a slightly salacious and drug-addled past.

The Sixty are the incarnate of all evil, so what about Acosta makes him a target that demons are bent on destroying? Is it because Acosta has drawn the attention of God, as Bishop Marks mentioned this episode, or because he's able to talk to God when he's high? Is it some other reason altogether? Judith: Did Ms. Harris prep you for this testimony?Once again, this freshman series leaves us breathless and confounded, and darn entertained.

I can admit, this show is outsmarting me. His character provides a perfect, skeptical lens on the phantasmagorical elements of the show I have been waiting so long to use this word in a review. Thanks, Evil! While she is perhaps getting pulled into unlapsing, and David is getting pulled into relapsing, Ben is rooted in the realities of science and the natural world.

evil episode 9

Typically, the team looks at things that appear supernatural and determines the reality, if possible. The scenes where she confronts the priest in training with her quickly escalating crush are set apart from the group scenes. How do we know they are real and not figments or hallucinations? We know that David has a sexual addiction or at least a great difficulty with resisting sexual temptations. We also know that evil is coming for him.

We have seen Leland Townsend visit David and hiss sexually salacious things. The explorations of desire, morality, and reality are provocative and deeply uncomfortable. Evil never lets us just chill and watch. It is constantly stirring us is new and surprising ways. Kristen is gleefully in synch with Ben and David. But, there is also a balance and easy understanding in their trinity. Look, we have been teased with the hot hotness between David and Kristen, and the flirty slow burn between Ben and Kristen.

We also have a canon thrupple on the show. However, Evil is not a show that is here for giving us what we want. Then again, we know we are getting at least a second season, so we can patiently wait for the hot trinity to become real.

Cults use repetition, isolation, and false promises of never-ending loyalty to trick members into believing a false reality. The ABC mantras Leland uses and his bullying into readiness with false accusations of not being able to trust Sebastian are calling cards of cult behavior. Then, in one of the most horrifying scenes I have ever seen because I do not expect it at all and it is graphic, Sebastian accidentally shoots himself.

There is a battle going on and I believeHeall we witnessed a supernatural intervention. Sebastian is looking in the mirror as he blows on the guns. What if, in his image of himself he has the gun placed in front of his lips, not under his neck like in reality?

These are possibilities that Evil opens up for us to consider as we take on the impossible journey of figuring out what is real.

What did you think of this episode of Evil? Share your thoughts in the comments below! Follow us on Twitter and on Instagram! Subscribe to our newsletter here! An attorney turned teacher, Janelle believes in the power of a well-told story.

She is currently exploring how to tell short stories, characters or less, on twitter. It was another great episode of the best new show in television.

Smart writing, great acting, incredible visuals and directing. The show has it all.

Exorcism Part 2

Nothing in this show is an accident. Blessed are they, the lowly ones, they shall inherit the earth and the gun goes off. Perhaps, at the very last moment, Sebastian realized that hew was about to do something very wrong and did the only thing he thought he could do to stop what he knew was wrong.See photos of celebrities like Scarlett Johansson and Leonardo DiCaprio before they hit the big-time, and revisit their earliest onscreen roles.

See the full gallery. The Catholic Church asks Kristen, David and Ben to assess the veracity of a local prophetess, Grace Ling, and they are shaken when they see one of her visions come to life.

Also, David struggles with jealousy when he sees God speaking with the prophetess, and to Kristen's dismay, her mother, Sheryl, and Leland begin a relationship. Look, you have Luke Cage Mike Colter and the always excellent Aasif Mandvi, who can do it all, but is best as the sarcastic sidekick with nuance, along with Katja Herbers, an actress I've seen in at least 4 series, but still don't recognize.

It's an excellent cast, with Christine Lahti included. You have to love this episode for the the story of a "prophet" but also because it's brave enough to mention reeducation camps in China as well as countering the Epstein committed suicide story.

They even have an ICE agent who helps a detainee. It's nice to see that good television can tell a worthwhile tale, be brave, and not become mired in the latest political fashion.

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evil episode 9

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Freight Trains and Monsters. The Duttons open camp, which proves to be the best therapy for Tate. Jamie and Hendon agree to teach a lesson to two criminals, but it does not go as intended. Teeter joins the bunkhouse. An Acceptable Surrender. Jamie plays cover-up and damage control with Hendon. Jimmy competes in a rodeo competition. Going Back to Cali. Beth shares a personal secret with Rip.

John and the boys deal with some hostile trespassers from out of state. Rainwater reaches out to a powerful woman to help secure the future of Broken Rock. Cowboys and Dreamers. The reason for Beth and Jamie's toxic relationship is revealed. Kayce bends the rules to help a family in need. Rip and the boys get into a confrontation with two men from John's past.

All for Nothing. Kayce and Monica help search for a missing Indigenous woman, Market Equities presents Jamie with a lucrative offer, and John finds out about Beth and Jamie's secret. Kayce searches for answers following a theft on the ranch, Jamie learns a shocking family secret, John issues a warning, and Beth takes matters into her own hands. I Killed a Man Today. Kayce gains the local ranchers' appreciation, Beth makes a gamble, Monica steps into a dangerous situation, Wade sends John a message, and John keeps a promise.

Meaner Than Evil. The World Is Purple. Jamie calls a meeting, Beth retaliates, Thomas Rainwater makes John an offer, Mia gives Jimmy an ultimatum, and Kayce receives a surprising endorsement.

Yellowstone S3 E Wes Bentley, Kelly Reilly, Josh Holloway and other cast and crew remark on the virtual chess match playing out during Jamie's meeting, Rip's romantic gesture, and Jimmy's fateful decision. You may also like 5 Videos. Yellowstone S3. Jamie's loyalty is put to the test, Beth prepares to put up a fight, and the Dutton family forms new alliances when Yellowstone returns Sunday, June Expect more action, drama, humor, side hustles, steamy hookups and secrets from the past on the debut season of 68 Whiskey.

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That was how desperate the AG was to figure himself out.

Episode List

And that was just one of the big twists in the penultimate episode. She had a horrifying gash in her forehead that Colby — yikes! On the plus side, he finally kissed her.

See No Evil Season 6 Episode 1 - Blue Blood

Leaving the place alone, he wound up being abducted by Rip and Lloyd. John had never once spanked him. Game, set, match, Monica.

In other words, Walker. Why, Rip wanted to know, was that problem still breathing? They could either bury him in one of those graves John had left open a few episodes back or… or Walker could come back to the ranch and prove himself.

All right, said the codger, but he wanted to bring in some extra men, then.

Evil Review: Exorcism Part 2 (Season 1 Episode 9)

Once the sting wore off, though, Willa said, Beth could come work for her. Fat chance. Before the bunkhouse boys took off to get even with Wade and his son does he even have a name? Junior rode smack into a tree branch and was killed instantly. Wade, not so much. First, Rip roped him and dragged him through the sagebrush, then he looped a noose around his neck and demanded the name of his employer. Not sure Wade hesitated even five seconds before giving up Roarke. The way to kill it is to be meaner than evil.

Meanwhile, Rip branded Colby and Teeter; they were Yellowstone for life now. No good can come of Jamie bonding with Garrett, right? Hit the comments with your thoughts. Click here to subscribe. No, Really.In OctoberCBS renewed the series for a second season. A skeptical forensic psychologist Herbers allies with a Catholic seminarian Colter and a technology contractor Mandvi to investigate purported supernatural incidents.

On May 15,CBS released the first official trailer for the series. Evil premiered in Canada on Global on September 26, The website's critical consensus states, "Smartly-written and effectively unsettling, Evil works best when it dares to delve into the depths of the uncomfortable questions it poses.

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EVIL Season 1 Episode 9 Review: Exorcism Part 2

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