Gunjan tumse na ho payega full episode

She attracted the snakes towards her and away from AJ. She threw a bed sheet on the snakes and went to untie AJ. Meanwhile, Angad broke free from the ropes and tries to beat up Parv.

However, Parv managed to push Angad away and shot Angad injuring his arm. AJ heard a gunshot wound and woke up. Guddan tried to take him out of the room but the poisonous snake bit her. Guddan told Parv that before 10 minutes were even completed.

Parv tried to shoot Guddan too but AJ stepped in and beat up Parv. The police showed up and arrested Parv and AJ promised to give him life in prison. He decided to take Guddan to the hospital himself.

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 25th March 2020 Video Full Episode Update

Angad required medical attention as well because of the flesh wound. AJ panicked and begged the doctor to do everything he can to save Guddan. Meanwhile, the nurse showed up and asked AJ to take medicines because he was affected by the poison too. AJ refused to take the medicine at first. Stay tuned! Author: Editorial Team. Also Read. Kundali Bhagya: Times when Karan saved Preeta from troubles. I was rejected by many people, but I redeemed myself with Lahore: Guru Randhawa.

Kundali Bhagya: Karan and Preeta are at their best in expressions - Check here. Karan and Preeta's eye-lock moments from Kundali Bhayga.She wants them to get married as a happy normal couple. AJ wants to know if Guddan loves him too. Daadi asks AJ to propose to Guddan. Daadi asks him to go and tell Guddan that he is in love with her.

AJ is nervous and says he is waiting for the right time. Daadi convinces him that this is a right time and sends AJ into the kitchen. AJ goes in to proposes to Guddan. Laskhmi tells Daadi that AJ will be too scared to propose. AJ goes to the kitchen but instead of proposing to Guddan he chickens out. He tells Guddan that the dough for the Bhaturas are not good enough and helps her knead it properly.

Daadi enters the kitchen to help AJ but he makes an excuse and leaves. AJ wears a colourful shirt that Guddan gifted him to impress her. He even has a filmy moment where he sees Guddan in different people at home.

Guddan brings him the Chole Bhature which she made specially for him. AJ praises the dish calling it brilliant while, Durga and Saraswati know that the food is ordinary. Durga meets Guddan in the kitchen and tells her to taste the food.

Guddan realises the food is alright and not brilliant. Durga tells Guddan that AJ praised her out of sympathy and now because he is love with with her. Guddan gets angry and decides to confront AJ for lying to her.

Home Popular Shows. Share Tweet Copy tumblr Pinterest Whatsapp. More like this:. You May Also Like This. Watch Behind-The-Scenes Video….Antra is in the police van. The inspector checks her. She takes his gun and says get out of the van. He says what are you doing.

Antra says put your guns down. Antra says Guddan your destruction is coming back. AJ is found to be cooking so Dadi says to him after so long you are seen to be this happy. He says I am making this fruit cake for her. I know this distance will go away. Dadi says all troubles are gone away from you both. Antra says go away from the car. She shoots in the air. Antra sits in the jeep and leaves. Inspector informs at the station.

Dadi says see guidance what is made. AJ says I made this for you. Guddan tastes it. He says how is it?

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 9th April 2020 Written Episode Update

She says it is perfect. Dadi says see everything is good between you two. I want you two to give me an heir. Guddansays I have to leave this house. Dadi says why? Everything is fine now. We did wrong but give us one more chance. He should have made khichdi.Daadi tells AJ that she has never seen Guddan this sad. Hearing this AJ, realizes where Guddan is. He goes to their room and opens the cupboard.

He finds Guddan in the cupboard. He tells Guddan that he remembers when Guddan told him about being sad and crying in the cupboard. AJ then consoles Guddan by saying that she is right. However, he also tells her that she needs to fight and prove Shanti Bua wrong herself.

Meanwhile, Parv calls up Revathi and tells her that he has found Guddan. Angad hears that Guddan has been found and goes back to Jindal Bhavan.

Parv hears on the call that Angad is with Revathi.

gunjan tumse na ho payega full episode

Shanti Bua tells Daadi that Guddan has failed at every aspect of family life. She says it is time for AJ to look for a new wife and even shows Daadi some photos of prospective women. Guddan shows up and lights those images on fire.

She tells Shanti Bua that it wrong to look for a new wife while AJ is already married. She tells Shanti Bua how the house is a better place when she if friends with everyone. However Shanti bua says that the house needs a mother-in-law and a wife not a friend.

Read More Guddan leaves home. Author: Editorial Team. Also Read. Kundali Bhagya: Times when Karan saved Preeta from troubles. I was rejected by many people, but I redeemed myself with Lahore: Guru Randhawa. Kundali Bhagya: Karan and Preeta are at their best in expressions - Check here.She asks Guddan to call up Akshat and find out. Akshat lies about Angad and Guddan realises he is lying. Antra is deciding to kill Angat by suffocating him in the wall. None of them knows where Akshat went.

Antara sees Akshat at the temple and forces him to marry her if he wants to save Angad. On the other hand, everyone is worried about Akshat.

In the temple, the priest asks Antara and Akshat to get up for the holy saat pheras. But Antara wants Guddan to see them getting married. She instigates Akshat by saying that she wants Guddan to see Antara getting married to Akshat but cannot do anything.

Akshat gets very furious. By that time Antara calls Guddan. Guddan gets very furious with Antara. She denies telling where she has kept Angad. Antara tells Guddan that she is getting married to Akshat in the Durga temple which a half-hour distance from Jindal house and Angad is kept in a mill compound which is in the opposite direction with minimum oxygen.

Everyone gets shocked to hear that. Antara tells Guddan that she can either save Akshat else Angad. She also threatens to kill Angad and Akshat if someone else enters into the plan except Guddan. Guddan gets into a dilemma with all that. Revati insists Guddan inform Police else Angad might lose his life. Revati gets very panic.

Everyone tries to make her calm down. They make her understand that Antara wants Guddan alone to go and save Akshat and Angad. While she is about to leave to see where Angad is kept but Guddan stops her. She promises Revati to save Angad safe and sound. Guddan seeks blessings from Dadi so that she can save Akshat and Angad too. Guddan starts running towards the location. She sees the board of Durga temple where Antara is getting married to Akshat.The show follows the story of Guddan, who due to unforeseen circumstances finds herself marrying Akshat Jindal.

Guddan lost her mother very early as a child and was brought up by her father and evil-stepmother. In a series of flashbacks, it was revealed that Guddan considers herself guilty of not being able to save her birth mother.

Her stepmother left no chance trying to put Guddan down and break her confidence by telling her "Guddan tumse na ho payega". Guddan's support system in her family constitutes of her father, Bhushan Gupta and half-sister Revati Gupta. When she gets married to Akshat, even though Akshat does not love her, he protects her and always stands with her in her time of need.

gunjan tumse na ho payega full episode

As a result, she slowly starts regaining her confidence and believing in herself. In her marital home, Guddan's mother in law Akshat's mother is an ardent supporter of Guddan and adores her as she believes that Guddan is the perfect life partner for her beloved son Akshat and is the only one who can bring colours back to his life. In the beginning Guddan seems to think that Akshat kidnapped Revati to marry her but as she starts living with him, she realizes he is a good person who can never do such a thing.

In the beginning she used to call Akshat as "Uncle" but slowly she starts respecting him and starts calling him "Jindal Sahab". She seems to be able to read Akshat's emotions better than anyone else in his family even his mother.

Guddan is also very protective of Akshat. In order to save Akshat, she burned her hands while doing aarti on his late wife's death anniversary.

gunjan tumse na ho payega full episode

On the other hand, Akshat lost his first wife very early in a traumatic accident and seems to have closed off himself from the entire outside world. He is a very serious-no nonsense kind of person who does not believe in emotions.

He wears dark colours and the only time he is seen emotional is when he talks to his late first wife's portrait. Early in the series, audience finds out that the three sons are adopted and not Akshat's own sons. He seems to have adopted them after an accident. In a series of flashbacks, it was revealed that Akshat considers himself guilty of not being able to save his first wife Antara.

However things start changing when he gets married to Guddan. He starts experiencing emotions whether it is anger or protectiveness. He is also over protective towards Guddan and is always there to make sure she is safe. In the early stages of their marriage, Akshat seems to think that Guddan married him through deceit and is after his money, so he doesn't trust her.

But as they start living together, he begins to realize that she is innocent and kind-hearted. During their reception he finds out that it was Guddan's step-mother who got them married through deceit. He begins to trust Guddan and appreciate her for being good to his mother. On the surface he always seems angry with Guddan but he deeply cares about her.

Even though he hates colours, he wore a pink shirt to his and Guddan's reception on Guddan's insistence. Similarly when the family visits an amusement park on Republic day, he first refuses to accompany Guddan on the rides but when he realizes she is scared, he jumps into the moving ride to give her company.

Similarly he has risked his life multiple times in order to save Guddan.

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega

Guddan and Akshat first meet at Akshat's birthday party thrown by Akshat's daughter in laws where Guddan comes to deliver a cake. Akshat mistakenly thinks Guddan's step mother is one of the prospective candidates to be his wife and insults her. Guddan livid at her step-mother's insult smashes the cake on Akshat's face. In the meanwhile, Akshat receives a letter from his late wife Antara where she asks him to get married within 15 days of receiving that letter.

So Akshat agrees to get married. Akshat's daughters-in-law scout candidates for the marriage and hold interviews. Guddan accidentally lands up in one of these interviews as she assumes it is an audition for Ramleela and pretends to be Seetha.

Akshat angrily picks a random picture from the pile without even looking and it is revealed to the audience that he selected Guddan's picture.She has to get Daadi out of a room with poisonous gas, save Lakshmi from drowning and protect AJ from poisonous snakes.

Parv tells her that in 10 minutes she will only be able to save any 2 people in 10 minutes. Parv continues with the wedding while Guddan picks Daadi to save first. Revathi resists Parv marrying her. Angad and Saraswati both try to stop Parv. Finally Guddan picks the right key and opens the door. She covers her mouth and nose with a cloth to block out the poisonous gases.

Meanwhile, Guddan unties Durga and gets her out of the room. She finds Lakshmi tied up in a tank full of water which is slowly filling up. Guddan breaks the pipe sending water to the tank. She unties Lakshmi and removes her out of the tank. Angad Durga and Saraswati come up with a plan to break free from their ropes.

Parv notices Guddan has already saved 2 people.

Guddan Tumse na ho payega 8 April 2020 Full Episode

He asks the pandit to complete the wedding before Guddan reaches. Stay tuned! Read More Guddan and AJ poisoned. Author: Editorial Team. Also Read. Kundali Bhagya: Times when Karan saved Preeta from troubles. I was rejected by many people, but I redeemed myself with Lahore: Guru Randhawa. Kundali Bhagya: Karan and Preeta are at their best in expressions - Check here.

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